I’m proud to say this actually happened (Link to imgur image).  It was bullshit of the highest magnitude, and if Bronne had instead gone with his gut instinct of “Burn Retros and fire,” my void stalker would have been a fistful of blast markers.  Also of note – we used so many damn blast markers during this game that we ran entirely out of them, and were forced to make little squares representing “1 blast marker,” and even then THAT got to be too much… we just started using scraps of paper.  Seriously, there must have been more than 150 blast markers on the table, which is the indicator of an exciting game.

Dakkaface was from one of my favorite images of all time – This one.

If Bronne doesn’t post the after-battle writeup in the next hour or so, I’ll do it.  What you need to know beforehand is that it was a combined 5000 points Tau + Eldar defending a planet against a 5000 point Ork fleet hell bent on destruction.  The Tau were completely obliterated (Okay, there was ONE escort left, so like a 50 point ship) and the Eldar suffered only one major loss (Cruiser).  The Orkz definitely reached the planet as the Eldar just scooted away relatively unscathed after dominating the Ork presence on their side of the table.

While this was intended to be a lineart up date (which it is at this point), I think when I get home from work today I’ll color this one up, i like how that striking scorpion came out too much to not color it in.


I also find it hilarious that I get referrals from people searching “Rohypnol pictures” on google for that first placeholder comic.