Hey, I know it’s late, but as you can see, it’s a bit longer than normal.  I want to do a conclusion to this one for sure, but this time I’ll get started earlier!


I’m going to give Dungeon Siege 3 another shot, I think I may have been going about it all wrong.  See, I was so hyped up over another DS3 game that I spent my entire time in it comparing it to its predecessor, which was great.  I think I would have enjoyed the game lots more if it didn’t have the Dungeon Siege title on it, if it were just a magic and guns and magic guns game.  Also, if you run the motionjoy drivers and plug your PS3 controller (wired) into your PC it’s supposed to be a ton more fun.  I’m going to give it a go right after I upload this comic.  I might have a mini Bronnicles comic for you all in the middle of this week somewhere.


28JUN2011 EDIT: Played a bunch of co-op DS3 last night on the PC using a PS3 controller (via the MotionJoy drivers).  I will readily admit, this game is a lot more fun with the controller.  I hear that Xbox360 controllers can be used with a windows PC with a plug and play functionality, so if you have a 360 controller, it’s the way to go.  I still have issues with the camera control being…. well it’s bad.  I’m often shooting at things off screen if the camera decides it’s time for top-down view instead of 3/4 view.  So, my list of what I would change about this game has decreased dramatically to:
-Let me zoom out more
-Put a small mark under enemies, not just the one you’re targeting.
-Increase the tether distance (tied to camera?) for your co-op partner.  As it stands right now it’s beneficial for me to be lingering on the edge of the fight while firing rifle rounds, while my co-op partner is a melee fighter.  If I don’t get close enough to the group of enemies, he can’t advance farther than my camera, and if I get too close, then my damage effectiveness decreases dramatically.
-Say “Jayne Kassynder” less.  It’s like they did mad libs and for every blank they said JAYNEKASSYNDER.  No, I need an adjective.  KASSYNDERY. Ugh, fine.