Man I am happy with how this came out, much more happy with it sans text.  I’ll try and get an uploaded version sans text.  I have played through all of the campaigns in Dawn of War 2: Retribution, and even though I loves me some Eldar, I think the Ork campaign is the most fun.  Bluddflagg’s voice actor deserves a palace made of gold, who else can mix “Cockney chain smoker” and “Pirate” and make it sound amazing?  He uses the phrase “sassed up deez here posh eldar” and it sounds flawless.  Plus, I mean, their weapons are things like “The real gud choppa” and the description is “Watch dis, yer gonna love me cuts.”


Don’t tell Bronne though, he loathes Dawn of war 2.  While I do much prefer the base building and larger scale battles of Dawn of War, I love almost everything else about DoW2.