(EDIT: got home after the finale of the battle, scanned in images so they don’t look like patchwork ass)


An OVERWHELMING Ork force makes an all-in move against a contested planet in the Vin’Cas system, Tau scrambles to bring every weapon it can to the fore, but still manages only half of what green menace has screaming out of the warp.  Suddenly more ship signatures are detected on the Tau sensor network not only behind, but incredibly close to the Tau planet.  Initial scans show non-Ork designs, and since when do the Orkz use any type of cloaking technology, ESPECIALLY one as sophistaced as th-THOSE ARE ELDAR SHIPS!  The Tau thought they were doomed until the Eldar ships passed silently by their rearward lines and angled their sail vessels into formations aimed at the enchroaching horde.  For reasons unknown to anyone but themselves, the Eldar have chosen to support the Tau in annihilating the Ork starfleet…


..and that’s when the Ork Space Hulk dropped into realspace.




Had a Battlefleet Gothic game day with Bronne and Fox yesterday, was lots of fun even though it isn’t even finished (I’m going back after work today to finish the fight).  Got plenty of ideas for future BFG comics, I just wish the ships weren’t so complex and difficult to draw!  Sorry for the quality of today’s comic, I was drawing during Bronne’s turns and the only scanning tool I have available to me at work is just using my camera phone to photograph the pages.  I’ll upload some pictures in a while that we took, I know Brian’s got a few, too.