Bronne forced me to play Half Life: Blue Shift and Opposing Force.  I have yet to tackle Blue Shift, but I had a TON of fun playing Opposing Force, did it all in one sitting!  It’s nice to not have to worry about things like “Oh I can only carry two weapons at any time” or other silly things.  Yeah yeah, I know, it’s “realistic,” but I’m using these weapons to fight interdimensional facehuggers, not to mention the majority of my weapons actually ARE interdimensional creatures.  How do I reload this alien missile launcher?  FEED IT!  Cpl Shephard actually PETS the weapon like a dog if he’s idle for too long!

I had originally intended for this comic to be a snapshot of Gordon’s mind “Oh hey, a hand that shoots bees, BETTER JAM MY HAND IN IT” but didn’t want to break Gordon’s canon silence.  The only person allowed to do that is the Freeman’s Mind youtube series (a new one was just released, by the way).


Also, I’m only going to be updating regularly on Mondays from here on out, I just don’t have an appropriate schedule to be putting out two per week, and I don’t want to make a lower quality comic a regular thing.  I’ll most likely still do sporadic posts during the week if something strikes me, but until then, it’s Monday.  Look, I even updated the header, that’s how you know it’s official.