With me on vacation in a place that doesn’t have cell phone reception, Bronne may have selectively not heard that.  He continued to send me texts, emails, and voicemails during my absence.  When my car rounded the top of the mountain and my phone got service again, it went bananas.  BLINGBLOOPBLEEPBLEEOPBINGBONG.  There is actually a video of it, I’ll have to try and edit it down.  Bronne was pretty much talking to himself all week, and managed to carry on a conversation.



Also, Bronne, I didn’t know until I was tracing this that you drew a boner on yourself during the catwoman text.  I was goin along, thinking to myself “Hey, did he include a fly or pants wrinkle in this picture, what is thi-HEY WHAT THE”

If you want to see Bronne’s unedited comic, and the reason why I typed out what he wrote, here it is: