I must be one of the only people left who still plays Battlefleet Gothic, it’s what got me started into 40k tabletop gaming.  I fly an Eldar fleet, and if you manage to get yourself into the right position, you can really mop the floor with an enemy in the course of a single turn, but if the enemy so much as LOOKS at your ship the wrong way it crumbles.  The only ship I have that can sustain a beating as well as deliver it is my Void Stalker, but you need to have at least 1000 points worth of ships out in order to field it.  Bronne, however, has a giant supermassive space fortress that HE can only field when he has at least 1000 points on the table…. soooooo my Void Stalker rarely sees use, because that Hulk he’s got is just unkillable.

That first frame made the page actually soggy.  My poor markers.

I added a new page to the menu up there, “Blanks.”   This is where I just upload the art for the comic without the words, assuming that I’ve done the words digitally.  There’s also going to be a Bronnicles page on here sometime soon as well, when I get the chance to scan in a few more of them.  PROOOOOBABLY not going to be a fully shaded comic on Thursday, I can’t maintain that pace, I was a tired mess all last week.