I bet the rest of Cyrus’ squad hates him, because when he makes planetfall, they just sit there and do NOTHING.  They’re basically Cyrus groupies who eagerly await his return to base so he can enthrall them with tales about how he took down a Land Raider by systematically sniping out every exposed bolt.

I am on a mission, people, to complete Dawn of War 2, Chaos Rising, and Retribution using solely Cyrus.  Dawn of War = super tedious, but done, I’m doing Chaos Rising right now.  I remember beating the Dawn of War: Dark Crusade campaign for Imperial Guard over and over again using solely the Vindicare Assassin.

I love The Ancient and how he is completely silent, so much so that you need to double check that you actually selected him, he doesn’t even make a radio squelch.  Does the Ancient’s identity change depending on how you level him up?  It seems like he could go a few different ways.  In other news: I MUST HAVE THIS

EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot.  I tried to color this in with the markers but it came out looking like total ass.  Good thing I scanned it in before I butchered it further.