Sorry about the delay, screwed up the scheduler again.  I’m not used to midnight being zero o’clock.

The marine who inherits the holy armor of Cranius is one of our favorite guys that Bronne and I joke about.  It doesn’t matter what his real name is, when you’ve got the gargantuan helmet on, you’re Cranius.  This is actually the first comic I drew for minicrit (actually at the time it was DOMTIME), I’m still figuring out just how I want to draw Space Marines, because they can get pretty damn detailed if you want to, but I don’t want every sketch to become an endurace test.  I think I might have one or two more Portal 2 comics in me, don’t worry, none of them have to do with the lemons. HOWEVER, I did make this one up for /r/tf2 :

I think it’d be a fun MISC slot item for soldier/demo/pyro.  I don’t think they should be functional in any way, just a simple re-skin.  There’s enough crazy shit flying around in TF2 already, if you threw in Cave Johnson’s Inferno Lemons, I think it would just get too ridiculous.


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