I love Arma.  My favorite thing to do is pilot helicopters.  I don’t even have to shoot things, just zoopin around, flying really close to the ground, that’s what I love the most.  Transport troops?  I’m your guy.  You want to wipe out swathes of enemies in an apache?  I’ll fly your death-platform for you.  I’m REALLY excited for them to implement more stuff in Arma 3, right now it feels a bit bare, but hey, it’s an alpha build.  The built-in helicopter controls for an XBOX360 controller, though, are….

Well, right trigger does like 4 things at once.  So if you press it, expect to crash horribly with guns firing the whole time.


That head tracking for android is awesome, though.  The only bummer is having to start attaching all this stuff to your head.  Of course, as soon as you do get the damn thing affixed to your dome, somebody will call it.  Too bad, missed call, I’m flying CHOPPAS.


Very mature, co-pilot.


By request: Here is the email I sent Dan about how to set this up.  Note that unfortunately the XiaTek website is down, but I’ve got the files at home, I’ll upload them when I get home tonight (approx 7PM EST).  If you want to know if your phone has a gyroscope inside,  a quick google search turns up THIS LIST.  Note- I use a Google Nexus for mine.

1. On your phone, hit up the app store and download Head Track (The one authored by C0BRA)
2. Download: http://facetracknoir.sourceforge.net/home/default.htm
3. Download: http://files.xiatek.org/HeadTrack/HeadTrack_Server.zip  (Mirror link)


5. Unzip the headtrack server bit to your facetrack’s client folder (Defaultly: C:\Program Files (x86)\Abbequerque Inc\FacetrackNOIR\Clients\     maybe?)

6. Make a shortcut to this folder.  Just. …. just do it.  You might end up going back to this folder a bunch so it’s just easier.
7. Connect to your home WIFI on your phone.  You will need the local ip addresses for your PHONE and COMPUTER.  You can find your comp’s with ipconfig, and you can find your phone’s by bringing up the list of available WIFI networks and clicking the one you’re connected to.  It brings up info about your network, the bottom of which is your phone’s local IP (mine was
8. Now, the author says the “default” setup worked best for him, but it didnt work as well for me.  I changed it to use the EWMA setup he’s got there.  I changed the Options.cfg (In \Abbequerque Inc\FacetrackNOIR\Clients\HeadTrack_Server) to use “EWMA.lua” instead of “Default.lua”  You can also just rename Default.lua to DefaultX.lua just to set it aside – then rename EWMA.lua to Default.lua.  Either way, “Default” seems to have some sort of ‘limit’ where, if you turn past it, resets your view to straight ahead.  Not good for ol’ exorcism Nik, whose character can crane his head around 180degrees.
9. Ensure your firewall (on your PC, not router) is off, or allows incoming connections on port 61 (From XiaTek’s setup page: http://xiatek.org/?p=326)
10. Adhere your phone to your head using crazy glue and/or 3M 77 super spray adhesive.FLYBUNCHES
Start up Facetrack NOIR.  Set the rightmost dropdown menu to FacetrackNOIR Client, then hit SETTINGS.  Put in your phone’s IP address.
Set the middle dropdown to FacetrackNOIR Client, hit START TRACKINGRun SGE.exe, this can be found in your facetrack’s client folder (\Abbequerque Inc\FacetrackNOIR\Clients\HeadTrack_Server), it brings up a big grid field in a window with some lines running across it.

On your phone, run the headtrack app, type in your computer’s IP address, and hit “ON”

The grid thing on your comp should be responding to your phone movin around.  The up and down might be backwards but holy shit I just now realized that you can just turn your phone upside down.  Dude I was in programs totally remapping inputs and stuff and ALL I NEEDED TO DO WAS TURN THE FUCKIN PHONE UPSIDE DOWN!  FUCK.


Within ARMA, you might have to go to options > Controls > Devices and “enable” the FaceTrackNoIR device.  Alternatively, you can just go into individual view controls, double click them, and add things from the list on the right hand side (TrackIR X Axis +, for example).
Oh hey, this is important: When ingame,  SCROLL LOCK is the button that “resets” your view to center.  Sometimes your view gets kind of skewed, just hit scroll lock to recenter that bad boy.