2013, comics are happening again. Got LOTS to update on regarding my life, going to try and do a page on each individual one and upload it maybe to the doodles gallery. I’m going to try and have one more planetside 2 comic ready to go for next week, but I’ll be in Jamaica over this coming Monday, so let’s see how well I stick to my New Years resolutions

Lots of planetside 2, game is fun. I’m a Vanu on Jaeger. Unfortunately, Planetside 2 eats a lot of time, but doesn’t lend itself to comics the same way that Team Fortress 2 does, the combatants don’t really have any character, they’re just clones in spandex and crab suits.

First time posting on Comic Easel as well. I’m convinced that Frumph (The man behind comic easel) is omnipresent on the internet. Whenever I would look up what I would consider to be an obscure issue, I’d fund some far-flung forums and Frumph always shows up to answer the question! Guy is everywhere! The changeover was nice and easy even for somebody who doesn’t know a lick of CSS like me.

Bronne requested a set of blogs for his Warhammer related stuff. He’s been filling me in on the campaign he’s got set up, and believe me, it’s awesome.