Every character’s name?  Dickbutt. Always.

I always thought it weird that our Pokemon trainers had NO idea how to run until presented with a pair of running shoes.  I hadn’t really anticipated this comic being as long as it ended up, sorry about that.  I lost a lot of time by accidentally hitting “Save for web” when it was still full-sized, my poor computer will hold a grudge against me for that for a looooong time.

Updated the “ABOUT” page to include the description of Bronne today.  Also added blanks of colored, lineart, and an isolated lineart of the mandala in today’s comic.  I’d like to have another go at that and maybe make a nice wallpaper of it with the respective elements colored in.  I’m absolutely awful at coloring, though, so if anybody wants to have a go at it, be my guest.


EDITS: Sorry, having issues with uploading since it’s a large image.