wordswordswordswords, I know.  It’s intentional.

In one of the Horus Heresy books, a transport is hurtling uncontrollably towards the surface of a planet.  The techpriests on board go OOP, better conduct the long-winded rites of reactivation on these pilot servitors as we plummet to our doom!  Have fun desperately assuaging that void dragon machine spirit.


Gonna be adding the bio Bronne wrote for me after I post this, he drew up some dynamite things after going on a 2-day quest to find somebody with a damn pencil on spring break.   Also trying to pin down an update schedule, it’s probably going to be one of these more detailed ones posted every Monday and one sketch/cartoony one every Thursday.


Techpriest, omnissiah, Horus Heresy, Void Dragon, and maybe mechadendrites copyright of Games Workshop.