Soldier weapons was not what I was expecting at all from those crashed rockets.  Valve had me in conspiracy mode after the pigeons leading to Meet the Medic, so I, like a lot of other people, figured that it had to do with Meet the Pyro.  Pyro is an alien.  Pyro is an astronaut.  Pyro created a rocket because it burned everything under it to a crisp.  It was instead a rocket launcher and pistol for the Soldier, along with a face accessory that is pretty damn cool.  In the days after the Grordbort rockets were opened, servers became frame-rate-raping disco destruction dance floors.  EVERYBODY was using them, and it was pretty annoying.  I can’t help but feel like there were other weapons in that rocket, and that Soldier just stowed them in his armory…


I’m actually kind of proud of that atominigun, here it is from sketch to colored (Click to enlarge to native scan size:)











Also, I add lots of sketches and drawings to Google+, so … I don’t know what to call it yet, circle me?  Put me in a circle?  Add me?






EDIT 1310 25JUL2011: Edited comic to remove heavy yelling in last frame, wescuit pointed it out and he’s right, I like the joke much more without it.