Hey, this would have been up sooner but I’m still without a scanner.  I have to wait until our receptionist at work is at lunch and then go surreptitiously scan the comic and send it to myself.  Just ordered a scanner on newegg, so that’ll be here in…. 12 hours.  The warehouse is very close to where I live, apparently, so whenever I order something it’s there stupidly fast.


Having fun with GW2, been playing a dagger/dagger Sylvari elementalist, riding the lightning every chance I get.  Going to be trying my first dungeon soon, so we’ll see how THAT one turns out.

ALSO I colored a lot of this while EXTRA DRUNK.  NOT a good idea, guys.  Not a good idea at all.  Imagine somebody slamming open the door to their home, drunk as hell, going “EVERYBODY MOVE I HAVE TO GO COLOR MY COMIC” and then cursing loudly everytime he colors outside the lines.
As you can see – there was lots of cursing.