I need to be taking more pictures of this, I’ll try and do that today.

I ordered a set of 2mm and 4mm foam from Wandy Foam on Ebay, who is absolutely fantastic.  The plan was to make the base armor pieces with 4mm and do any detail work with 2mm.
If you cut/build something from a flat pattern and it fits, keep working on it when it’s “shaped.”  For example, I built the vambrace base, which was just a tapered tube.  I laid it back out flat, glued a strip of 4mm foam on the wrist and elbow ends so that when I put the outermost detail layer on, the ends would kind of flare out.  Gluing those strips on now CHANGED the vambrace’s shape when it was bent back into a cylinder.  The wrist and elbow were markedly tighter.  From then on, I would glue on the shaping strips while the piece was in cylinder form.  I am waiting to finish the vambrace until I have figured out how to reliably illuminate the soul stones, I might need to add a layer or two to make some extra room, and I’m not about to go taking the piece apart again.

I usually start with a paper template (in this case, a manilla folder) and then trace the outline onto a piece of EVA foam using a mechanical pencil without any lead, so the tip just leaves a visible impression around the template.  A razor knife is used to cut out the part, try to avoid having to go back and cut areas, a single clean cut looks best.

Sometimes it’s easy to go into a computer program and create a template that you can then print out onto cardstock, this one was done in autocad:


EVA can be bonded together with simple hot glue.
For finishing the EVA parts, I recommend looking at [The Hero Tutorials on youtube.]


Shoulder pads w/ plasticard reinforcement
Chest piece

If I have time, I’d like to do up some calf/shoe pieces as well.

Did a little bit more work on the arm pieces:

I was a bit furious with myself, I actually put that “Cross” ornamentation on the bicep-armor on upside down.  Luckily they look nearly identical upside down, it’s just one side has a bit thicker foam on it.  Will likely have to do some alterations.  Remember to change your cutting razors often, it helps when you need to take off a little sliver here or there to make something fit.  I use a small hot glue gun to fuse everything together.  That awful ragged looking hole in the vambrace is where the gem will be seated, and I had a tough time trying to gauge how/where to make that hole.  I’m going to be putting a layer of thin 3mm foam over the whole thing to give it a smoother appearance.

It’s also damn near impossible to get any good cuts without having the foam pressed against something, but when it’s all round like that and you don’t want to squish it, that’s where good ol alcohol is there to help

Unless you put some sort of razor-safe material between the bottle and the foam you’re cutting, be prepared to ruin the point on your razor very quickly.


Went to home depot and picked up some thick EVA floor mat to make chest piece and the big hanging cross-looking rune.  It’s in the floor aisle, just a heads up, usually near the floor.  Took me ages to find it.


Though I made up some leg pieces, I found I was running low on 6mm foam.  I ordered more and dedicated the last bits of 6mm I had to adorning the chest plate.  Making this chest plate was…. embarrassing.

I also got stuck in this thing more than a few times.  It still needs work, but really it’s just a front and a back, it looks like this now

Once I figure out the light-up LED bit, I’ll embed those in the gauntlets and the chest piece and finally get those painted up.


Don’t have too many pictures here, most of it is using the glue/water mixture to seal the foam and then prime/painting.  Here’s painting the upper arm pieces:

Is there an easier way to do this, by the way?  Cutting out countless little scraps of masking tape so that I wouldn’t get paint all over the place was a real pain in the ass.  I screwed up at first by painting those cross bits a metallic gold, but when I finally figured out how to load the correct skin on the modelviewer, I found they were more of a bone color.  had to remove all that paint and then desperately try to get the bone color over it

I got the gauntlets wired up with their own button batteries, and they did actually work!  The standalone power supply really made things easy, McMaster-Carr shipped incredibly fast (had them in under 24 hrs, but their warehouse is only about an hour away).  I used a CR2450 battery here for them

Here’s the chestpiece all primed up and whatnot.  This is the masking so I can paint the bone color onto the ornamentation:

Now this picture would ultimately make me very angry.  Masking tape wouldn’t stick to ANYTHING when I needed it to just hold something together for 3 seconds.  Never.  When I painstakingly masked out all of this it ended up pulling bits of black paint off with it and made it look exceptionally bad.  I didn’t have time to fix it so if you saw me at PAX and thought my chestpiece paint was a little weird, that’d be why.

I do have leg pieces and shoulder pieces, no pictures of them though, will take pictures tonight if I remember