Haven’t done any work on details yet, details include things like belt, pouches, chest ornamentations, casting runes, and leather cord wrapped around forearms.


See all that stuff up there?  Casting runes, pouches and stuff?  Did none of it.  I DID, however, make a last minute singing spear.
I had about 2 or 3 days to do this, so here’s my rushed singing spear work.
Grabbed the computer file, just guessed at how big the blade would need to be, and printed it out onto a few sheets of 8.5″x11″ and adhered it to some 0.5″ thick MDF.  I then hit the belt sander and hurriedly came up with the shape:

Hit it with a bit of sealer and primed that SOB, then I built this stunning mold:

Sealed the legos to the MDF board with a bead of hot glue and then dumped that silicone on in there.  I had to do a second layer which I sort of dammed off using aluminum foil, this was just an attempt to use LESS silicone.  I really should have just adjusted the mold shape so all that empty space wasn’t there, that’s just wasteful.  I also should have suspended the master in there instead of adhering it to the MDF base.  The way I did it leaves a hole at the bottom, which would then require SOMETHING so that my casting material wouldn’t just leak out the bottom.  MORE LEGOS LET’S GO!

I would like to say that these lego molds really worked great. A+ would use again.

There’s that hole.  Lame.

That’s where the silicone was trying to escape his lego prison.

I used a small amount of silicone to adhere the mold to the base.
Once that was all dried (used a space heater) I poured some water in there to measure how much resin I would need.  There was a leak that got hot glued.

Time for SCIENCE!  This was my test cast just to see if my catalyst amount would work out.

Also a dye test.  It seemed a bit light at the time, but maybe I should have kept it this way?  This is about 8.5 fl.oz of polyester resin.  I let it sit to see if it would set.

It didn’t, finally I just demolded it to find it was mostly solid but still gummy.  More catalyst it is, then.

I can SEE the bubbles in there.  Taunting me.  You’ll have to fix me later but you don’t have time, ha ha ha!  Jerks.
Hit this with a space heater as well as extra catalyst for faster setting.  It still took a while and was slightly malleable when demolded, but I needed to get its mirrored piece in there, so they all just kind of hung out in space heater land

By the morning they were all set.  Gluing them together was a pain.  Tried using hot glue, but it cooled too quickly and you can SEE the hot glue squiggle inside of it.  I’ll grab a picture of it later.  I forget what I ended up using for this, to be honest.

The haft of the spear was a two-parter.  It was two 1.25″ diameter dowels from home depot, one got a 1/4″-20 threaded rod, the other got a 1/4″-20 … thing.  I have to go look on the label to see what it was.  It wasn’t an ID threaded pipe, it was like a 2″ long hex nut.  Anyway we had a hell of a time boring a straight part of the dowels because it was too big to fit on the lathe, but eventually did it and 2-part epoxy’d the 1/4″-20 hardware in there.  Primed/painted gloss black.  Did up a quick thing on cad for the tines near the end of the spear:

Adhered it to 0.25″ MDF, cut it out and attached it to the haft with copper pipe hangers like these.  They worked great.  Those tines got painted metallic silver.  Figured I’d put some lights in the end of the spear because that thing is like a small sun on a stuck in the game.  The inside of the actual spearhead’s MDF part was a hollow chamber with foil adhered to the inside:

Put a small half-circle of super bright white LEDs in there, ran a wire to the outside.  when it was all glued together and whatnot, guess how much it did
Well, it wasn’t nothing
but it was damn close.  It was TOO translucent, so the spearhead really didn’t light up too much at all.  I’ll have to work on that another time.

The spear held up JUST long enough for the con, and actually the spear blade separated from the spearhead when I got back to the hotel.  What timing!
Unfortunately the rental car we used to get back to Pennsylvania didn’t have enough space in it to take everything, so the bottom portion of the spear haft had to stay in the Hertz garage in Boston across from the Park Place hotel.

Sad hulk music.